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Professional carbon fiber hockey stick manufacturer with OEM/ODM service

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Professional carbon fiber hockey stick manufacturer with OEM/ODM service

Our hockey sticks boast cutting-edge design and superior performance, tailored to individual player preferences, showcasing our expertise in customized manufacturing. With in-house production and supplier factories, we cater exclusively to B2B clients, delivering unparalleled quality and personalized solutions.
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Customized hockey sticks offer tailored design and material selection, enhancing performance to meet specific player needs. This customization optimizes player comfort, style, and gameplay, delivering a personalized edge on the ice. The tailored features cater to individual preferences, enabling players to maximize their skill set and excel in their game.

18k carbon fiber ice hockey stickOEM carbon ice fiber hockey stick








ALLU ICE HOCKEY STICK Custom offer even more customization options, including Player Type,Side,Player Level,Stick Material,Stick Height,Stick Flex,Kick Point,Carbon Fiber Weave,Weight,Color and so on.


Stick length

SR-65",66"(most usual), 67", 68"69".70

INT-59",60".61".62'".63"(most usual)

JR- 54",56"(mast usual). 57". 58'

Youth- 45".46".47"(most usual).48".49",50".52"


SR (66"): 375g, 400g, 420g,440g

INT (63"): 315g, 390g, 410g, 430g

JR (56"): 345g, 365g

YTH(47"):230g,260g, 300g

Contact us to know more about the weight.


SR--- P92/P88/P28/PM9/P91A/ P02

INT---P92/P88/P28 / PM9/ P91A/ P02

JR---P92 /P28

YTH---P92 /P28



INT---60, 65. 67

JR---35.40, 45.50,52.55.60

Youth---18.20, 25.30, 35

Carbon weave UD.3K.12K.12K Twill.15K.18K.18K Trapezoid.18K Rhombu
Shaft shape

Square double concave

regular rectangular

V series. which the profile part is usual thick. good at skilled play

N series. which the profile part is thicker. good at power shot.

Kick Point  V series-Low kick:N series-Mid kick
Shaft finish

Glossy with grip: Glossy without grip

Matte with grip: Matte without grip: Sand painting

Blade finish

3D Sand texture: Glossy without 3D sand

Matte without 3D sand: Sand painting




Choose from a myriad of features and color combinations, add your personalized text or logo, and modify it to fit your game. Choose the exclusive grip options and stick styles you need, or provide us with your stick design and we'll build you a sample that meets your criteria!





Place your order and rest assured that we will make your one-of-a-kind bat.

We will first make a sample according to your requirements for you to confirm, after confirming that there is no error, we will make a large quantity. Delivery time for custom and specialty custom bats is 60-90 days.




Which Hockey Stick Is Right for Me?


  • When choosing a new hockey stick, base your selection on performance and affordability. The stick that provides the feel you like and the best performance that fits your budget is the best ice hockey stick for you.
  • The main differences between entry and elite-level offerings are in construction materials and design technologies. Entry-level composite sticks use more fiberglass and other inferior materials, while elite sticks use much more carbon fiber and include advanced features like special shaft and taper designs to provide superior performance.
  • Choosing a hockey stick depends on your play frequency and budget. Entry-level sticks suit infrequent players; they're affordable and offer decent performance. Wood sticks are inexpensive but heavier.
  • Regular players should aim for performance-level composite sticks.
  • Experienced ones can explore elite-level sticks based on budget and desired features.
  • Pro players seek the best stick suited to their position and style.
  • At ALLU, we specialize in customizable, high-quality sticks, offering tailored options, efficient production, and dedicated customer support.

Our Services advantage:

  • At ALLU, we specialize in customized products with logo, painting, and packing options tailored to your brand. We excel in developing custom molds for various sports equipment, ensuring unique designs. Our experienced team manages efficient production, fast samples, and timely delivery. We offer responsive pre-sale guidance and dedicated after-sales support for a satisfactory experience. Partner with us for comprehensive, tailored services.


Q1: What are your terms of packing?

A: We generally pack the ice hockey stick in PP Bags and cartons. However, we are open to designing
branded boxes to accommodate any specific packaging requests you may have.

Q2: What are your terms of payment?

A: Our standard terms of payment include a 30% deposit via T/T (bank transfer), with the remaining 70% to be paid before delivery. We can provide you 
with photos of the products and packaging to ensure your satisfaction before finalizing the balance payment.

Q3: What is the expected delivery time?

A: Typically, the lead time for the  ice hockey stick is 50 to 70 days after receiving your advance payment.
However, please note that we would require your painting graphic before starting production to ensure timely completion.

Q4: Can you produce products based on samples or technical drawings?

A: Absolutely! We have the capability to produce products based on your samples or technical drawings. Our team can build molds and design new layups
to bring your specific requirements to life. Simply provide us with the necessary details, and we will ensure the production aligns with your desired specifications.




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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.




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